Signs you have a cheating wife by JC Mande


You’re married to a wonderful girl, you have a solid relationship and she would never cheat on you… right? Wrong.

 Men, never underestimate a woman’s willingness to stray; women can be just as unfaithful as men in relationships. Having a cheating wife is a concern that haunts many men in relationships. Just the thought of your lady putting her paws on another man makes your skin crawl. That’s why it’s always important to keep a lookout for some of the surefire signs you have a cheating wife.

So, what are some of the signs you have a cheating wife, and what can you do about them? Get your answers here before you start accusing her of being a two-timer.

signs you have a cheating wife
One of the major signs you have a cheating wife is if you spot any changes in her behavior, so if she’s always been a guy’s girl and has a lot of male friends, don’t get paranoid when you hear that she was seen at the movies with her friend Max.

The following are five signs you have a cheating wife:

1- She’s no longer as needy
If she was never able to go shopping, exercise or cross the street alone, and she suddenly doesn’t need your company, it may mean that someone else is filling your shoes. It’s possible that she just needs time to herself, but if she’s unusually independent when she used to be overly needy, it may signal that she’s just no longer as needy… of you.

2- She no longer gets angry
She used to get angry if you didn’t want to meet her for lunch or come out with her and her friends, but now everything you do is all right by her. Once upon a time, your every move had to be premeditated, but now all the small things you used to mess up aren’t enraging her. This could be a good thing, but it should make you wonder why she no longer cares.

3- She’s being secretive
She’s no longer sharing her daily events with you, and in order to find out what she’s doing, you’d have to hack into her BlackBerry because she’s not volunteering any information regarding the goings-on in her life.

4- She places the focus on you
When you do ask her questions, she turns the tables on you. The former chatterbox’s batteries have run out, and when you ask her how her night was, mum’s the only word. It’s now all about you, you, you, rather than « I did this » and « I went here last night. »

5- She showers you with pleasure
Now that it’s all about you, your girlfriend is always complimenting you, asking you to go out, giving you « I love you » cards for no reason whatsoever, and even offering to wash your car and watch the boxing match with you. While these gestures are more than sweet, it’s this kind of overcompensating behavior that can make one suspicious. If she’s bombarding you with niceties, it might be nice to know what’s really going on.

What should you do after you spot the signs you have a cheating wife?
how to handle it
There’s no need to get paranoid and suspicious if she’s exhibiting any of the signs you have a cheating wife. If you think her recent behavior isn’t adding up or you catch her lying, do not accuse her of cheating. Think about whether or not she’s given you a reason to suspect her of two-timing you, or whether it’s your imagination running wild because you’re afraid of losing her.

Here’s how to handle your suspicions:

You have a feeling
If you think she may be cheating, approach her but don’t bring up the cheating. Ask her if everything is OK, and tell her that she’s been acting different lately. Give her examples of how her behavior has changed, and tell her that you want to know and understand if there’s a reason for it.

You want to open the lines of communication and encourage her to open up about what is troubling her in the relationship, and proceed from there. When she’s showing the signs you have a cheating wife, approaching her can be a delicate situation.

You have more than a sneaking suspicion
If you have adequate reason to believe that she’s cheating on you, do not accuse or threaten her because if you’re wrong, she’ll feel that you really don’t trust her. Rather than exclaiming, « I know what’s going on! » or « Who have you been messing around with? » ask, « Is there something I should know? » or « I have reason to believe that you’re not being 100% honest with me. »

This may seem passive, but you want to approach the topic carefully because if you’re wrong, you may be messing up big time. If you’re right, however, you have permission to raise hell.
forgive and forget
Being unfaithful in a relationship is horrible, but there is a bigger picture here. You have to realize that a cheating wife may be the result of a problem in your relationship. If she’s deceiving you by getting cuddly with another man, it could mean that she is going elsewhere to find what your relationship lacks — which doesn’t make her actions right, but only less despicable.

If you discover that she cheated on you, there are a few questions you must ask yourself:

Can you trust her again?
If the answer is no: You can’t get back together.

If the answer is yes: It may take time, but you can give it another try. You’ll have to tell her that it’ll be hard to trust her, but with her help and time, it can happen.

Why do you think she did it?
If she doesn’t tell you why: You’ll have to evaluate whether you can still forgive her.

If it has to do with your relationship: When you’re ready, you can work on the problems in your relationship.

Is your relationship worth another try?

If you can move past her deceit and give her another chance, then when you’re ready, sit down, talk to her, and try to understand why she did it. There may be no reason at all (it could just be the fault of stupidity with a pinch of vodka), but if there is a reason why she cheated on you, then ignoring why she did it can lead it to happen again — and then you’ll be cheating yourself.

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