So what makes a great woman?


For starters, a great woman doesn’t have to be Mother Teresa. I said a great woman, not a saintly woman. A great woman is someone who loves you, supports you, cooks, cleans, loves to have children, and is willing to put up with your character flaws. She is intelligent, savvy, warm-hearted, and completely unselfish. She should empower you and make you stronger. Looks are a bonus. You find a woman like this, get on your knees and propose.

       Be wary of women who only care about themselves, constantly voice their opinions, or put you down. You have enough enemies in your life, you don’t need one at home. You also don’t need a competitive woman interested in whoever has the fattest paycheck or biggest corner office; you have enough of these people in your professional life.

     Women who are vultures do nothing but destroy you as a man. Una brutta will drain your bank account and try to make you feel like a man with no testicoli . Why would you ever be attracted to a materialistic, shallow, waste of space like that (except as a mistress)?

    Sure, in « Our Thing, » every boss, capo , or button has a side mistress or even a side girlfriend, but without a good wife, you are always a weaker man. A man might stray from time to time, but only cafones don’t realize that the love of a great woman beats out the sexual prowess of some stripper. A great woman knows that her man will always return home.

One last point: Remember that you don’t find a great woman at every street corner. It takes a bit of luck. If you don’t find a great one, whoever you find should at least be a « good » wife.


So what’s a good wife?

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