LADIES, try 31-40!!!! by Breathtakingly Fine Possibilities

Ok, ladies…..let me know what you think about these!!!

#31…Ladies, play to your strengths!! If you got a big, nicely-shaped booty, make sure you accentuate it. If you have nice full breasts, make sure they are always on display. HOWEVER…if you know your stomach is a problem area, why draw unnecessary attention to it? Know your limits, ladies! That outfit works for her, but not so much for you!

#32…LADIES, stop referring to your man as your ‘nigga’. Better yet, don’t refer to ANY black man (or woman) as a ‘nigga’. By definition, how can a good man be a nigga, or vice versa? Words have energy, and if you refer to your man as your ‘nigga’, that’s all he’ll ever be…and all you’ll ever be!

#33…LADIES, learn to make being fly look effortless. Sometimes a woman with sweats, a wife beater, sneakers and a fitted cap is 100 times more sexy than a woman who has tons of make-up, 8 inch heels, and not a hair outta place. You have to realize that being fly has less to do with how you look, but more to do with who you are. If you’re really fly, who gives a fuck about what you’re wearing?

#34…LADIES…smile please! Shitty attitudes aren’t sexy or cute! I know dudes can come with a lotta bullshit, but don’t let what someone else does to you affect the way you go about your day. Being beautiful doesn’t begin or end with how you look. It fundamentally reflects who you are, and how you share that beauty with the world, personifies who you really are. Be beautiful in everything you do!

#35…LADIES, if your heart isn’t into giving a blowjob, please just leave it alone! The thing that makes blowjobs so amazing is ENTHUSIASM!!! if you’re just going through the motions, not putting forth any real effort, acting like you’re tired or disinterested, just put the d*ck down and let dude go get himself off….which is probably what he’ll do once you’re done anyway 😉

#36..a man WON’T just fuck anything. Women use that tired excuse too much, to rationalize their poor choices of men. If your man will fuck anything, and he’s fuckin’ you, what does that make you? Men can be (and most are) faithful. You just happen to be fuckin’ ‘anything’ 😉

#37…LADIES, don’t use SEX as a bargaining chip. Believe it or not, your p*ssy is not as good as you think, and making your man meet your demands before you give him some is a bad strategy. P*ssy is only as good as the emotion connected to it. Men won’t cheat if they really love you, but good pussy gets cheated on all the time by the mere prospect of better pussy! 😉

#38…LADIES, listen to BFP!!! LOL I’m serious. I love black women too much to lie to you or tell you something that’s not in your best interest. I don’t have all the answers, but i do know how to avoid bullshit!

#39…LEARN MORE THAN YOU WERE TAUGHT! Our parents taught us what they knew, but everything they knew wasn’t right. Be it religion, sexuality, politics, etc, just because you were taught to believe it doesn’t mean as a free thinking adult there aren’t other things for you to learn. Will you learn something new to teach your children or will their knowledge be just as flawed as yours?

#40…there is nothing painful or destructive about love. It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t make you cry tears of sorrow. It doesn’t make you compromise who you are to keep it around. It doesn’t ask of you anything that does not contribute to your growth and/or well-being. What love really is, it’s the absence of the need to even define what it is!

©Breathtakingly Fine Possibilities 2009

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