The Senegalese Women Art of Seduction by NabouLove

The « Djongoma »  Manifesto


You have certainly heard about the art of seduction of Senegalese women; Yes? No? Hum… Ya all missing something!! And when I say all, I mean all of you Ladies & Gents. Since Childhood, we have been raised to be seduction Queens, let me be clear here, it’s not about beauty contest, it’s about being attractive, elegant & pamper our Kings. Yes!! We call it “ Mokkeu Pojje” which can literally be translated in “Soft Thigh”, the art of responding to our Men’s need. Don’t mistake it with submission or else, it’s an art like the Geisha art of entertaining men in Kyoto ‘s tea house. Senegalese women are highly educated , & /or independent traders traveling around the world; They play a big part in the Society . But once Mrs. Doctor, Engineer, Minister, Trader , etc. gets home, she takes her working clothes off  & puts her “Diongoma” or “Drianke” outfit. The high rate of polygamy in my country has developed a certain competition among women who has proved to be a motor for creative tools for seduction.

I know you both work sister but no African man wants to get home after his woman, so try as much as you can to be home before your “Nidiaye” Uncle in wolof , and be there to welcome him with a big smile & a warm basin of salted water. You take his shoes off , soak his feet in the water while he is telling you after his day of work. Ok you don’t feel like it, you had a hard day, you have your PMS, your boss is giving you hard time, to cut a long story short, you have your own problems; ok I hear you , but put them in a storage room & show interest for your man’s achievements, problems, story . Then while chatting with him you can mention some subtly some of your issues. Don’t force it on him, & be like a mother, make him your priority at this time. Once he is relaxed , u gently wipe his feet & give him a relaxing massage, & you can use that opportunity to ask him whatever you want. Which man can resist to such a treat? 

Next step the relaxing back massage , why should let any other woman massage your man , learn how to give him the relaxing body touch by getting massages yourself, as you are on the internet, you have access to youtube where everything possible is broadcasted; also bookx , dvd’s are available in any book store. Personally I recommend the use of lavender ,peppermint  or orange blossom massage oil, they are very relaxing. Preferably this massage will take place after dinner , while sipping a ginger spice herbal drink made by you, it’s digestive, & aphrodisiac: grate fresh ginger, add cinnamon,clove, cardamom & fresh mint . Filter, sweeten with honey & enjoy it together when the kids are sleeping.  Yes the kids must be in bed latest at 8:30 pm , so that you can enjoy your private space with your love.


Our homes always smell good, no man wants to enter an onion, dry/smoke fish  smelling house . As we all know we use many smelly ingredients to cook our tasty soups. That doesn’t mean our homes must smell food. In Senegal we have a passion for incense called thiouraye , burnt on hot charcoal & very efficient at getting rid of any bad odor. But it is not a Senegalese exclusivity and can be found throughout Africa & is widely used in Muslim countries. Usually men don’t like the smoke that goes with the nice smell, so make sure you burn it before his arrival & far from him. As an alternate choice, you have a large choice in Indian shops. You can also use essential oils, scented candles, pot-pourri , etc. For a smell close to our thiouraye & appealing, I recommend cinnamon, musk, amber or patchouli scents. If you prefer flowers’ scents, jasmine, rose & lavender are all time winners. For fruity scents, the sexier are peach or any berries scents. So your home must smell good & your bedroom must be a “sexing “  room.

What about the Drianke’s attitude?

 She walks slowly, doesn’t laugh or talk loud, & always serves her Man first. The Male stays the Male, even if she is richer, powerful,& older. She is the epitome of womanhood. she is always covered from head to toe, her curves are covered with a boubou or a djellaba, giving space to the man’s imagination, low waist jeans, tight clothes or sexy tops are a no no for a respected Drianke, she wears brocade, silk or cotton & lace dresses; The Senegalese woman when dressed in traditional outfit is always inviting to sensuality, the boubou comes in various shapes: , pinched at the waist, fitted, etc.The shoulders are often slightly uncovered & henna design on the ankles creates a certain mystery around the woman’s body. To be sexy , no need to be half naked, the Man’s mind is tortured through the 5 senses: the woman looks good, the home smell goods, the food tastes good, the massage is nice & she talks nicely & gently to her man. They imagine the “bethio” wrapped around the waist & think about the” bine bine” belt. The “bethio” is a handmade wrapper either knitted or embroidered that doesn’t cover much of the woman’s body. There is even a desin of “bethio” named “Keuyitou keurgui” meaning the documents of the house.


You can replace the beads by a gold chain around the waist. G strings & bras are even made with beads or knitted. As well as beads chains are made with luminescent beads. A drianke is never caught home dressed funnily , she is always well dressed & clean looking even when she is cooking. It sounds hard but yes you can…


 Whenever she moves, her perfume travels with her, & she makes sure her “dials-dials” & “bine bine” are soaked in incense when she doesn’t wear them.  If you have a favorite fragrance, invest in the whole range from the deodorant to the body lotion & bath gel, so that you leave your  olfactive signature. You must leave a fragranced track, everywhere you go. On a more intimate note always have moist wipe at hand to be fresh at any given moment. Naughty wink from Naboulove. If you want to know more about  the “Drianke” style don’t hesitate to contact me And you can check the site  for Senegalese lingerie.

 And Sistahs trust me a caring woman is always sexy!!!!! So be “Djongue”.

So until next time pamper your Man!!!

©NabouLove 2009

Thiouraye is a secret mixture of oils, perfumes, seeds and fragrant wood to use as a body perfume, with an exotic, sweet, spicy, herbal aroma.

A Drianke or a Djongoma is an elegant Senegalese woman mastering the art of seduction.

Djongue: taking care of your man so that he only wants to be home


46 réflexions sur « The Senegalese Women Art of Seduction by NabouLove »

  1. What is the man doing to reciprocate? He is being the recipient of all human comforts, so he should reciprocate. Women sometimes no matter what you do, men will have a roving eye. Just make sure that what you are doing is for your own pleasure as well. Keep your eye on the prize, but don’t overdo it. Men tend to like a challenge, if you are there everyday to draw his bath water, massage his feet, also look forward to some of the same comforts from him. Strangely enough many men will accept all the goodies you can give him; but the first chance he gets he will run where there are no goodies.

  2. Thank you for the information that was sent to me, and I hope that God grants you your wish to go live in Senegal, I went visit there, and loved it, and it’s people. Be Bless Sister.

  3. I have been planning to visit and then move to Senegal but I don’t know how I am going to do it. I just believe one day I will. I always loved Africa and when I got more conscious about the culture of Africa and all the 72 nations in it Americans have been teasing me it.
    I was born in America but don’t consider myself American and people in the States think I’m crazy. I just don’t want to marry an American and I’m tired of speaking the american language. Oh SENEGAL how I long for you!
    GREAT BLOG! My passion for Senegalese women is now even stronger! THANKS.

      1. Why is it so hard for you to Love an American Woman. We Love our men as well, we may not do as the Senegal women, but we do have our ways????

    1. How long have you been in New York? Are you working there? Get out and make new friends. Keep in mind to gain friends, you must first be one.

  4. i love this article. Senegalese women are beautiful. I mean I love the culture and I’m a Black American woman. I plan to travel to west africa someday in the near future.

  5. hey i love it! i live in nyc now and wanted to know wher ei could get the bine bine ,bethio and djali djali specifically in Harlem if there is a place. I also want some of those fabolous Peul earrings in gold, mayhbe someone knows what im talking about.

  6. Hello Naboulove,

    I am traveling to Senegal in December and I would like to visit your lingerie shop. Please email me your address so I can patronize and speak with you. Thank you in advance

    Constance Marie Barnes

  7. nice nabou i def have to bookmark your blog…….. i am ivorian and girls in my country too have started using the senegales way if i may say so at least the muslim girls…………. cheers

  8. I am an African American and I am married to a Senegalese man and I have done all of that that Nabou said and more, and it is still not enough. No matter what you do for a Senegalais he will never be satisfied so I am saying that to any African American woman–Beware of the Senegalais man–and the women of Senegal are always trying to steal your man. They are suppossed to be so religious but they lie, cheat steal and use more than any other culture.

    1. Hey lady, don’t bash us all cause your husband is an unappreciative douche. You can’t just generalize a whole nation because of a few bad apples.
      I see Americans especially, black people act this was (i.e. have multiple boy friends and girlfriends, cheat on their spouses and a lot of other worst stuff) but you don’t see me calling y’all names do you?

      1. It just goes to show you that in every walk of life, no one is perfect , be it man or woman, The US, or Senegal. Just have to pay attention to what you let yourself fall for……Be Bless and Beware!

  9. i enjoyed it very instructive and also funny
    but for those who still does not hav a husband yet what kind of advices can u give to them so that to be more confident to do le djoguee i really want u to respond me thanks

  10. Nabou,

    I am an American-born African woman married to a Senegalese man. Your article is inspiring and informative and there is much in it that I can use. I appreciate it. Djerre Dieuf!

    1. I am American woman, and I loved your tips.As I see it, men are men, whether here in America, or Africa. Here they love women that look good, smell good, and can cook, so please do send more ideas. To get a man is no problem it is keeping him, lol……..

      1. You said it all…seduction is more about keeping him than winning him… keep browsing Naboulove lol

  11. nabouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…
    My husband doesnt like the smell of the thiouraye.we have them here in nigeria. the, what i do is use pot pori, and fragrance oils each day…just before he gets back from work, i make sure i have it burning from the main entrance to the bedrooom and each has different scents..i never go to bed without having my bath and brushing my teeth.he wonders why and yet he must cling on to me every nite love making or not!
    i use perfume @ bed time..during the week he is off before me but at weekends i never stay long without a bath..i do have my normal morning baths.i never go out without a bath in the morning even if it is to buy groceries down the road..he doesnt understand, but who knows that day i decide to be shabby might be the day i meet my competitor outside and she will have it against me..(we have our ups and downs) but i do try my best on that side..
    also, we have several conscoctions up in the north her for sex(afrodisaics) they are called kayan mata(womens things) and they cause a whirlwind in bed…from perfumes,to the ones u insert,drink and eat in food…

    1. Mrrs Chime thanks forr passing by , you should tell us more about Kayan Mata, hum darling.

  12. Hello, very interesting article. I completely agree. I think that establishing relationship with prospective and existing customers is a very important part of every business. Advertising plays a great role in the success or failure most of times. Thank you. I read the article with pleasure.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jessada , nice fragrance you have in stock, will sure give a shout to my friends about your site.Stay blessed.

  13. WOW,what seductive powers,hmmm.when a woman knows her onions,people will assume shes using magic to hold her man,this is so un true.
    The inherent seductive power of a woman remains a mystique and is always able to make a man succumb to her needs if applied properly.

    I really enjoyed this babe,very educative.and the Senegalese mother’s are on point coaching their daughter’s early.we Nigerian’s should take a cue.cheers..



    1. Push Pride to the side, it will only mess up matters of the heart, and if you love each other it should not matter who decide to call who, as long as one of you do it. Life is to short to be playing with your heart!

  15. Hi Nabou,

    This is beautiful and an eye opener.

    I love the Senegalese way.

    Thanks for sharing.


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