The “P” Principles by Ebika IGWE

This is a  response to the Post “Sex in marriage” by Meena Kaoje I found it very interesting so I am sharing it with you. Enjoy!!!

I don’t understand why a wife would shy away from her husband’s « P » thing. IT’S HER PROPERTY AS LONG AS SHE REMAINS HIS WIFE. If ladies can remember the following ten attributes, they WILL have a better understanding of their “life” partners. As you pointed out, they should play with it, and I say they should also kiss it and caress it with affection, but ABOVE all treat it with RESPECT AND UTTER REVERANCE!  WHY?

1) The « P » thing is God’s most powerful representative on Earth. Like God, the « P » thing is the only power that can give life on this planet.

2) It’s the only object in the world that has a perfect symmetry even when it is bent.

3) Nothing quite like it to the touch-Soft like velvet outside and hard as iron inside.

4) The Angrier it gets, the more majestic and admirable it becomes. And the happier its female partner becomes.

5) It is Justice personified as it does not discriminate amongst its female peers. When presented with anyone, IT WILL FUCK IT.

6) It sees no evil nor hears no evil but has a trillion degrees sensitivity level.

7) The « P » thing has the ability to give the highest pleasure-levels known to womanhood. Imitations like Dildos, feathers, chocolates..or whatever…don’t even come close to the real thing..they are all pretenders.

8) It has the ability to make most women forget to pick up their undies and BRAINS from the floor afterwards.

8) The « P » thing hates teeth and hairy pussy.

9) Its trio of best friends are: pussy, lips and tongues.

10) When its job is done, it has the ability to hide quickly until called upon again.

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