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broken-heartNaboulove: How do you get rid of a nice guy u just dont like? Ideas? Tips pliizz?


April 13 at 6:51pms


 Ahmed Borodo at 6:56pm April 13

what happened to the gun i gave you?


 Olufemi Borokinni at 6:57pm April 13 via Facebook Mobile

Easy! You let him know.


 Mustafa Golam at 6:59pm April 13

:S.. if it’s in real life, than keep all the communication shut..
if that is in online, just block him 😉


 Yeenka Dairo at 7:00pm April 13

Nabs, nabs, nabs?????????? How many times I call you???? If you like ya self, get rid of your silly thots sweetie…. just grow to like the nice guy…dats all?
@Ahmed…. haba!!! the guy is too nice to be killed now??? Na wetin!!!!!!!


 Tunde Jinadu at 7:04pm April 13 via Facebook Mobile

Just be direct and civil we r all adults..


 MaRia ARistidou at 7:04pm April 13

I would agree with Olufemi..u let him know..just be honest


 Tayo Ajala Dagazau at 7:08pm April 13 via Facebook Mobile

Nothing like honesty Nabby! Then u may even like him afterwards!


 Ndey Oley Taal at 7:11pm April 13

if u already consider him a nice guy, then u like him a lil, however IGNORING without looking back might work.But if his tooooooooooooooo nice u might wanna keep him,lol


 MaRia ARistidou at 7:11pm April 13

and most of the time that happens:) but sometimes the boat has sailed


 Sol Odukoya at 7:22pm April 13 via Facebook Mobile

Nice guy???Nabs dear,nice guys are harmless you got nothing to worry about.Just keep him nice till a nasty SOB comes along.;-)


 Bell Nséké at 7:25pm April 13

…to the point…


 Magita Toyin Ademosu at 7:28pm April 13

Be honest & stay firm with ur decision.


 Fatimah Batuli Muazu at 7:30pm April 13 via Facebook Mobile

1. Trip n spill a drink on him. 2. Put salt in his coffee. 3. Invite ur noisiest friend whenever he comes around. 4. Ask him 2 drive u 2 d market. Mean heh! He’s nyce…but he’ll become simply unavailable. Phew…jst got rid of one!


 Bayo Oyewole at 7:36pm April 13

Don’t worry Nabou, I get the hint. I’ll stop contacting you. You’ve really hurt my feelings though. Now I’m a laughing stock to all your 700 friends on facebook…


 Shade Shola Rahaman at 7:51pm April 13 via Facebook Mobile

Haha bayo!


 Anna Leye Desplats at 7:57pm April 13

Nabou..Your friend Bayo is the best…LOL


 Ahmed Borodo at 8:04pm April 13

@yeenka, i paid double dowry for Nabou and that is why@Bayo Oyewole has to get out of the


 Shade Shola Rahaman at 8:28pm April 13 via Facebook Mobile

Ahmed,tel us more.we nid to kno d truth.


 Yeenka Dairo at 8:44pm April 13 via Facebook Mobile

Lol Ahmed! Double dowry indeed!


 Meena Kaoje at 8:59pm April 13

be honest
dont send mixed signal!
and keep your distance!


 Mustapha Dabogi at 9:49pm April 13

PMFJI…to be honest…there is no nice way to tell a nice dude…that u dont like em…..u just ve to be a bitch bout it…look him straight in da eyes n tell him u r nice but i dont like u…period…n believe me…he will understand the langauge better…. trust me i ve been told once n it works better…cos i would ve hate her if she tells me those nasty words nicely……oh yeah…BMOTA..!


 Raymond Laforce at 9:56pm April 13

Just tell the guy. Don’t beat around the bush. Be honest. Don’t sound as if you are not sure.


 Chantal Epee at 10:08pm April 13

un tueur à gage c’est exagéré ?


 Frédéric Nobou at 10:39pm April 13

« Garlic » is YOUR SOLUTION!!! I bet what u want that this nice fellow won’t even look at u any more!!!


 Lanre Peters at 11:31pm April 13

Please give Bobo 9ice a chance!!!


 Ebika Igwe at 12:01am April 14

See..? That’s what happens to us nice guys…When you get rid of us and we leave, and a bad boy breaks your heart, you come crying to us…And you know what?..We take you back.. BUT DON’T PUSH YOUR LUCK LADIES!


 Zaynab B. Galadima at 2:45am April 14

Tell him u are moving to somalia…lol. Just tell him U r not that into him.


 Noni Chuks Odigbo at 3:28am April 14 via Facebook Mobile

Why do i keep having this feeling that this is an action that will be regretted? I WARNED YOU O!


 Jc Mande at 6:24am April 14

Nice Guy and the same Guy you dont like? Simple, if u want get rid of Him, just dont think his nice and hate him period. But the fact is this guy wasn’t really nice! No one can get ride of a nice Guy as I know…


 Tula Noémie at 7:58am April 14

Don’t answer phone calls, don’t return phone calls and just get busy! that must not be too hard for you…


 Fine Ihunna at 8:33am April 14

get busy,dont take his calls,try not to ever rem such person exists.


 Leyla Garga at 9:11am April 14

« Va te faire f…………! » ou alors  » tu sais, mes parents st en visite chez moi en ce moment et je n’ai pas la permission de sortir, recevoir des appels, voir des amis, faire la bise à des garçons, avoir des pensées coquines, etc…. et ils vont rester chez moi pdt les 20 prochaines années. Donc, toi et moi, ça va pas être possible helàs; snif… »

Nabou, c fastoche comme tu vois!


 Babatunde Jeje at 3:37pm April 14

And here I was thinking you liked me too, even after i drove you to the market, put your clothes in the washing machine, did home chores with you and I even ironed for you … sob, sob, sob!!! WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST TELL ME YOU DIDN’T LIKE ME!!!!!!!

Seriously, just tell him…


 Minoush Ka at 4:39pm April 14

Tell him you like his best friend and ask him to hook you up….


 Buhle Mncube at 5:43pm April 14

1. Never burn your bridges, if he’s nice enough, let him ‘hang around’ for a couple of months while you organise yourself.

2. if he’s a pain and can’t read between the lines then take him to the most expensive restaurant, organise for your 4 friends to pop around after 30min and invite them over your table. order the most expensive wine, and 3 course meals for all and by the end of the night he’ll never want anything to do with a ‘goldiger’…hahaha, goodridance!!!lol


 Philippe l’Unique at 8:06pm April 14

Okayyyyyy !!!!
Now I understand why these girls behave like that with me !!!
I always tought that being nicewas cool!!!!
Thanks BUHLE,MINOUSH,and FATIMA etc……. 
I learned something Vital Today !!!
Mr « P »


 Buhle Mncube at 11:53pm April 14

lol…Mr P, hang around Nabou’s profile you will learn so much from the ladies…..hey but I aint burning my bridges with you;=)


 Jc Mande at 5:42am April 15


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