Break-Up or Start-Up 2 by NabouLove



Thank God, your sistah-friends come visit you , one after the other, and let you pour your pain, they all listen to you going on and on about your feelings, your frustrations, your pain ; you had plans together, you were in love….Tears Again. They try to take you out, you resist. You just want to be in bed. You feel like Carrie Bradshaw dumped by Mr Big…And then you start daydreaming of a Happy Ending like in the Movie.”And they lived happily ever after”. Wake-Up Girlfriend that’s your LIFE, not a movie scenario or a fairytale suited to cater romantics.

After Denial, Pain, Anger, ounces of tears and Pounds of chocolate, it’s about time for you to see the opportunity here in your life. You are “free at last”. Stop looking for an explanation, there is none that would satisfy your ego: he just doesn’t love you anymore and you failed to seeing the  signs that now are so obviously telling you IT’S OVER. Repeat after me “I LOVE MYSELF” .smile in the mirror.

So dry your tears,& start your mental healing process. Listen to the right songs “I will survive!” read the right writers Yvanla Vanzant ,Dr Phil,etc. reread “Phenomenal Woman”, suppress all negative peoples trying to get you back in that relationship. My sister step up into the plate: You are loveable, loving, lovesome, lovely YOU. So forget those who left you .Remember the positive about them and what they brought into your life as teachings and MOVE ON.

I really believe that anyone that leaves your life at some point of it is just not meant to stay. It sure does hurt but you are neither the first nor the last one to whom it happens, so manage your pain and spring into a more mature, beautiful YOU, & cultivate your beauty inside out. First of all, dress up, put some make up on , smile, because “YOU” is the most important Being in your life. To heal, you have to forgive first , and free yourself from all that anger towards him & other men!!! YES MEN!!!

While you are working on your forgiving skills , take care of “YOU” : exercise, eat better,shop, relook your image and last but not least Socialize. Remember that nice guy gentle but not so fine looking? Just call him to chat. Regain your self-confidence (did you dare losing it?), there is nothing wrong with you sistah. You are a fine sexy looking sexy babe! Your age –too young, too old, too in the middle, etc.-doesn’t matter, what counts is how you feel about “YOU” & it can only be “YOU” feel good . You are a precious stone, a diamond , sapphire, emerald or ruby. Each gem is unique, single colored, no matter its size or cut. HE just couldn’t afford YOU, so he ran away to let others enjoy YOU and appreciate your true value.

YOU is now a new start –up striving for a successful relationship. Just take your time, smile, and open your eyes & your heart, a great shareholder is about to invest in you in the long term!


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