Are You Looking For A New Love? by Shakeerat Orimadegun


Many People do not know that it’s always better to be alone than be in bad relationships every now and then, but life has a way of making one change his/her mind from unwanted thoughts.

And as long as one craved for a company, guys will always be guys,(hmm point of correction people will always be what they want to be) You can either play desperate to them or play hard to get, they knew what you want and they know what to say if they must get at you. And, once they know u are desperate in finding love, dating, marriage or what have you..they will treat you as they deem fit.
If a man is as good as he says, he’ll romance you by every means he knows how to win you over. And if is a woman..she will flirt and seduce you until she get what she want….Nothing is guaranteed!!

See you might probably have been hurt before and in your mind’s eye, every man/woman are the same, but you will never find out unless you give it a short. Also learn to be friends first for along while without promising anything. So if you find out that it won’t work. There shouldn’t be anything too tight in your gut; in relieving yourself from unwanted situation

I’ve learned that:

* Become friends first, and then if you both feel like you want more… then small steps, one-at-a-time, no rush! If its REAL, it will happen.

* Friendship is a good thing to build a relationship on, once you have a good foundation, you build on it. …Never letting go of that friendship because that’s what started it all. I’ve found out that what you do need to look out for, Is someone that you are comfortable with, Trust, love, faithfulness, sincerity etc will be earn along the way.

* One don’t need to rush love… it’ll happen when you least expect it…Just take that time in finding it.

* Date for a while and learn about one another. Past,  present and future thoughts.

* Compromise if you must, everyone has to compromise a little. But it is with little sacrifices that we make both party happy.
….You can’t possibly get everything on a platter of gold. Most times, you do really need to compromise.
I have always been someone that won’t trade my wanted quality for anything. But after seeking fruitlessly. I found out that I do need to bend a little.

* Then make the best of the relationship; finding the perfect match for oneself is not easy because if it was easy finding a good person everyone would have one… Some people settle for less… the wise ones are picky, and choose someone who as beautiful inside as they are outside… Somehow everything works out in this world, just the way we want it to be, some good/some not as good. We choose our own paths, make our way. Its just life… Be what you want to be, don’t let anyone hold you back.

Above all you need to check yourself too, maybe the problem might even be from your side, maybe you are not yet ready to give up your freedom and singleness.. I know there is a pot for every lid. Someone is out there for everyone… One just needs to find it patiently.
So, my  dear. That’s what I have discovered about relationships and finding new relationship. Hope you find some point in it.

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