Is food really the way to a man’s heart? by Tayo Ajala Dagazau

Tayo Ajala Dagazau

Do you think this is a ‘once upon a time story’ as in the days of our forefathers or the idea is just a fabricated one?
I believe its sheer joy for a man to come home daily to a palatable meal. It definitely plays a big role into a man’s heart and part of his sexual desire for his woman but it does not keep a man by any means.
Men do not play with their stomachs and all hell breaks loose when food is not ready on time, so serving it at the appropriate time will obviously favor the woman more. Food may temporarily increase his liking or lust for the woman but no magic works if by any chance in bed…..its zilch……both works hand in hand according to today’s generation.
Why men have such an equal passion for food beats me to this day. Merely talking about it brings such a spark into their eyes. Sometimes the only memory they possess about a woman is the food, how great a chef she was….why, was she not good for nothing else or the food just surpassed all else?
Meanwhile some men are having it so good with food; they are not even appreciative enough to say a good thank you after a meal. Men you need to praise your woman just as you expect one after a good lovemaking session :-).
Also to some men, food is not a major because they themselves are good cooks so no woman can ignite their fire where food  is concerned…
All in all, I think sex comes first in a man’s heart before the serving of a meal. In my experience, I think sex keeps a man longer than the food (true or false?) .The best cook may not be able to keep her man home but might be able to maintain him longer if  the sex is great. Needless to say, food will not bring true love but it’s powerful enough to make him happy.
Ladies set the mood for a yummy meal that won’t escape his memory so fast by indulging in a candlelight dinner at home once in a while.
So men, can a woman hold the key to your heart by satisfying you FOODICIOUSLY?

5 réflexions sur « Is food really the way to a man’s heart? by Tayo Ajala Dagazau »

  1. Hi Tayo,

    I think if you have to use food as the bait for your man, you may have the wrong man….

    My wife, bless her, could not cook to save herself… and here I am an absolute food lover.

    I can get food anywhere, but there is only one her!

    stay well

  2. Wow this topic has stirred up a hornets nest. Allow me to add my thoughts as a male and also a sexie food lover.

    It may not be simply one or another. Sometimes one is taken by beauty, sometimes her intellect is breathtaking, and sometimes it is sharing the love of food. Now this does not necessarily mean one has to actually cook! although sometimes anothers ability to cook can be breathtaking also. I think anyone who is good at something is always impressive, or at the least gets your attention.

    My experience, for what it is worth, is that people who love to feed others have a particular character… and that maternal or giving character is sometimes quite sexy also…

    Some great comments above about attitude … I also laughed heartily .. as this did ring true to me and I had a certain person in mind… yes the food presented was fabulous… but I can’t say I was too hungry… I just wanted to get the hell out of there …

    So what does this all mean?
    Who really cares… if you want to feed your partner and you get off on it.. then go for it! if you feel that it is a chore or not your place, then get someone else to cook…

    It really about the food and not who’s job it is to prepare it.
    hope someone enjoys this comment!

    stay well and happy

  3. Food is a ritual. From the preparation, to the presentation, to the eating. It offers opportunities to bond as a family, and as a couple. Apart from eating together have you tried cooking together? When women cook with a bad attitude that attitude seeps into the food and what could have been a labour of love turns into a space filling mass.

    For the guys, we need to appreciate the effort. I know how pissed off I get when I cook, call people to the table and they wonder along after others have finished. Ladies, meals should appear on time. Kai! Waiting for delivery for ages is just not on.

    Food is, and can be, sensual. Use it to enhance, not destroy.

  4. I agree Tayo.I think this was a once upon a time thing when women were being brainwashed into learning another household duty (Cooking) and somebody thought it wise to throw in the adage that ‘good food is the way to a man’s heart’.As you said,it is one aspect to keeping the peace in the household,in my view,more like a must do because we have got to eat,regardless of who cooks it but,men,once again have made sure it is seen as the duty of the woman to cook,the same way they think that it is the woman’s job to keep the house clean,raise the children and the list goes on.Unfortunately,none of those things,done individually or all in the package would never be enough to keep a man until our men open their eyes and learn to respect their women as human beings with qualities and flaws,human beings that need to be seen as a whole rather than the sum of parts.Only then,will we achieve the true partnership needed to last a lifetime.

  5. New blog post on NabouLove « Is food really the way to a man’s heart? » by Tayo Ajala Dagazau.true or false? •


    Olubola -Adeleye at 2:26pm March 16
    No. Food is not the way to a man’s heart.
    All men are different.
    Find out your man’s love language and you find the key to his heart.

    Noni Chuks Odigbo at 4:03pm March 16 via Facebook Mobile
    Food is the key to my heart!
    Syl Juxon Smith at 4:03pm March 16
    Good loving is the gateway. You can come home to a beautiful well prepared meal with a bad attitude woman, you become not hungry anymore and full immediately

    Amadou Makhou Ba
    yep…..but the kind of food that feeds the spirit….if u know what I mean

    Syl Juxon Smith at 4:14pm March 16
    If you win a man`s heart through his Stomach, you may end up loosing Him to his Stomach. Food is like Loving, if the ingredients are always the same in taste not flavoured at times, the man may be tempted to try another Cook!!!!!! You must keep the fire burnning and keep changing the spices for improved flavour and taste.!!!!! Na whahala oh!!!!!

    Tayo Ajala Dagazau at 4:18pm March 16 via Facebook Mobile
    LOL I like Syl’s analysis!

    Syl Juxon Smith at 4:19pm March 16
    Amadou: FOOD Nourishes both the BODY and SOUL that controls the SPIRIT. I hope you know the saying: « The Body is willing but the Spirit is Weak » and the « Spirit is willing but the Body is WEAK »?

    Amadou Makhou Ba at 4:39pm March 16
    SYL you are the man…you have made my day…lol……and, u make a lot of sense
    Amadou Makhou Ba at 4:41pm March 16
    syl: our women often forget about the soul part….they will just throw the food in ur face and say « NOW EAT ABI!!!! ». How can u stimulate the soul with this kind of behavior

    Syl Juxon Smith at 4:51pm March 16
    That was why I made the observation of pointing out that you can have all the best food on your table, but if the attitude of a woman in giving that food is bad, then you do not need that food because it will not take the hunger away but make you even more hungry with provoked anger.

    Amadou Makhou Ba at 5:07pm March 16
    lol….lol….you are killing me man…I am at the office…i can’t be loaughing like that…..they will be like what is wrong with that african man….

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