Women of the World
Women of the World

                From Nefertiti to Cleopatra all the Legendary Beauty Queens find their origin in Africa. King Solomon was ready to give the world to Makeda the Queen of Sheba another Woman of substance and described as the Epithom of Beauty. In our African culture – Black Culture at large – , the woman is the mother, the rock of the family, the guardian of our customs and keeper of our rituals. A woman is always a Mother, whether she gave birth or not, she has compassion and faith, she is always giving and sharing. We share our pain together, we raise children , we nurse the sicknesses of our society. As privileged women with a choice to work or not, to study or not , to marry or not, to love or not, we sometimes forget how blessed we can be when100 Millions women & girls are affected by female circumcision in the world. Some Women and young girls are used as sex slaves by cruel Warlords and are at the Mercy of Aids and other deadly diseases. Rape is commonly used in Regions where there are permanent conflicts like the Eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo. I could go on and on about the various abuses experienced daily by our sisters,mothers,daughters but to them i want to say that no matter how deep they have been affected in their flesh and intimacy, they should never forget that they remain Queens in our eyes. And we dont forget them… So sisters NabouLove wishes you a happy International Woman’s Day. My Sisters, Keep your heads up no matter what: WE ARE STRONG BLACK WOMEN AND WE ARE QUEENS .

by NabouLove

Une réflexion sur « WE ARE QUEENS. »

  1. Nabou, tu as un vrai don pour l’écriture et tu sais rendre par des mots, les pensées que nous pouvons avoir en tant que femme. Il est vrai qu’en ce jour, nous rendons hommage à toutes ces femmes, plus fortes et résistantes les unes que les autres et sachant toutes relever la tête et garder leur fierté et leur dignité. Passe une bonne journée.

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