« STEP UP THE GAS » by Tayo Ajala Dagazau

This is the advice of a happily married wife of 20 years ,following the Post « Hot Chili Pepper Soup… » Tayo thanks for sharing…

              Naboulove, very well said. I do not think you are crazy, just merely laying down the facts. Nice topic as we women never cease to wonder why most men can’t be a « one woman man. »  Men see woman as different flavours and so, they got to taste and savour  the chocolate, vanilla cream, strawberry, ginger and all lol we women need to step up the gas as only men themselves can understand and comprehend what they see in each woman. Afterall we see ourselves as « the best. »
Whatever the other « mistress » is doing to keep your man. you better learn it. A man would often stray if the « bedroom » is boring or if his partner does not make him feel « macho » enough. He wants to know he is « the king » in this game and if hes not feeling it…hes searching for the next « flavour » that will assure him of such. In this age, only a God fearing man would actually not commit adultery or infidelity.
Some women are also too passive. We need to be more aggressive in our love life. Someone who has been in a long term relationship tend to relax a bit more. I do not believe in such. Women look good, feel good, smell good…be sexy. Let your underwear be alluring to his « eyes. » Don’t let go completely just because you ve kids or a hectic schedule. Be prepared to take your love life to another level by doing new things, change positions frequently, just doing the « military » all times will never be enough. Give him something to look forward to. Remember that just an orgasm or a happy face does not mean he wont stray!
One thing a man cannot stand is a bossy woman. Also QUIT the nagging….this drives any man crazy and trust me,he will definitely stop by his « mistress » before coming home. If there are no communication skills, that’s even worse than a bad dream.
Naboulove this is my piece for now.


Une réflexion sur « « STEP UP THE GAS » by Tayo Ajala Dagazau »

  1. Ms T, you are spot on with this. When we start dating a guy, we go all out to make them see us as beautiful, sexy, loving and caring. We do all this because we are not sure if the guy is ours as yet so we try to impress. As soon as we become comfortable in the relationship, we relax, we start wearing frompy clothes, unsexy lingerie and don’t do the stuff that made them find us excited in the first place.

    Ladies, what you did when you started dating must not stop. Granted, you may have kids in between but what’s stopping you being seductive and fun in the bedroom? What’s stopping you playing games in the bedroom? What’s stopping you feeling sexy and fun with the guy? Often, women blame this on ‘the kids’ or ‘housework’ etc. You know what happens, the man goes looking for the excitement else where. So lets step up ladies.

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