For me Paradise for shopping is within the Paris « Triangle d’Or »: Champs-Elysées, Montaigne, Faubourg Saint-Honoré, François 1er, Georges V.
I felt about the same shopping in Milano, but Paris is The City of Style and Fashion where tendencies drives the world’s fashion.
But for this Virtual Shopping Tour I chose Av Montaigne. I get off at the Franklin-Roosevelt subway station (a good exercise walk toning up legs and bum).Even though, I take the mechanic stairs exit facing Gucci Shop. And guess what? Just in front of me the bags!!! Finely crafted Leathers, monogram twill fabric, clutches, shoulder bags, python skin shoulder bags, luggage, GG everywhere, the latest one with top models name like Indy;
They all drive me crazy but I just enjoy the look of them; my credit card is sweating but given the euro vs dollar exchange rate of 1,56 Euro to 1 dollar, there is no hope for me. Anyway, I take the stairs and meet the shoes, loafers, sandals and stilettos all GG signed. I still resist but for the pleasure of my eyes I enter the scarves, clothes and belts treasure room. Too expensive for me so I resist easily. Back downstairs, I take a glance at the sunglasses wall and I can imagine myself wearing Gucci glasses on Rodeo Drive.
Enough daydreaming, it is my first stop. Avenue Montaigne here I come!!
I pass the S.T.Dupont door, the Krizia building and I rush into the LOEWE Boutique; Spanish luxury with comfortable loafers and outrageously beautiful bags. I enjoy the design of the shop itself but my walk is not over. What to do cross the street and go to Montaigne Market or stay on the same side of the road. I hesitate for few seconds and I cross TO visit Montaigne Market where everything is displayed like a fashion museum. All the IT pieces of the moment are there waiting on hangers :the Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress (I will end up buying a BCBG by Max Azria wrap dress),the Marc by Marc Jacobs bags and shoes, etc. But thanks to the fashion buyers of Montaigne Market there is nothing for luscious black ladies, the biggest size being a French 38-my size when I was 18!-.Great money saver….
I stay on the same side of the street,Escada ,Bulgari, but it is the new Roberto Cavalli store that drives my attention. All those silk Djellabas, blouses and dresses are teasing my eyes. Nothing is below 400 euros. I can barely afford a t-shirt but I love eye shopping.If you go to Cavalli invest in a solid denim pair of jeans, the cut is perfect and it gives a great shape believe me (ok at 400 euros the jeans it should). I cross back to the other side of Montaigne and here I go standing in front of Chloé but it is time to go to Chanel Boutique. Always the same guy at the door very polite and courteous, Chanel classic bags in my opinion are one of the Must have fashion items of the Fashionista (save on the air ticket to Europe this year and tell a friend to bring you a black classic chanel with silver or gold chain). No need to have several of them unless you can afford it; If it is the case also go for the beige, the chocolate and the navy blue. Same thing for the shoes as I am tall 1,82m, I always go for the flat ballerinas.

Buying classic pieces doesn’t mean having the classic look from head to toe, Mix and match, Zara shirt with a Chanel bag, nice jeans with your flats. That is the key of Style, and like my friend Elsa would say “Nothing can beat simplicity”.
Enough blablabla, the tour is not over yet Celine is just few meters away, the epitome of French class and subtle elegance. The favorite brand of Cameroonians ladies , always very elegant but in a very classic style.But there is the Jimmy Choo Paris address .The sexy bling bling sandals are winking at me. Will I resist?
My little walk is not over, Christian Dior Paris one of the most beautiful boutiques of avenue Montaigne. The place where “Lady Dior”, “Gaucho” and other well chosen names have a handle and mean quality. My head is spinning. Shoes, bags, home ware, sunglasses….Everything Dior is here. It’s either you invest in leather Lady Dior bag in neutral colors with gold metal (you know black, brown, beige, navy blue, tan…) the red being the only color you could wear with everything. If you crave for a flashy color, wait for the sales you will get a Dior orange bag at half price. Avoid fabric bags unless you are very rich or somebody’s buying it for you (in that case you can change it with the cashier ticket). Then Baby Dior where I spoil my boys when they are on sale, Dior Jewelry with their fabulous rings for the pleasure of my eyes.
Then D&G, Prada, Louis Vuitton , a couple of Chinese in the street tried to convince me to buy a LV bag for them but I don’t want to take any risk. I am not really a LV freak but it is part of the tour must-visit and the shop design and deco is awesome. So I follow the flock of Koreans, Japanese and Chinese rushing in the shop.
After that virtual shopping tour, I go to the Plaza Athénée for a well deserved 40 euros tea and cakes (at least I can afford that)…
P.S: Shopping tips you can save up to 20% by shopping at Printemps Haussman or Galeries Lafayette where they give a 10% discount card to all foreigners by presenting your passport, on top of that you benefit of a 12% tax refund.
Enjoy girls!!!!


  1. Wow, I could be your shopping buddy any day, any time….i recently discovered your blog and i’m in awe and hooked…kudos to u

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