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The Power Of Silk , Satin & Lace

Walking with Garters on like a sexy  Cabaret dancer was once one of my craze in my mid twenties and that was long time before Dita Von teese . I had revived the Pin up in me a decade before the retro trend. Those were

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The Senegalese Women Art of Seduction by NabouLove

The “Djongoma”  Manifesto You have certainly heard about the art of seduction of Senegalese women; Yes? No? Hum… Ya all missing something!! And when I say all, I mean all of you Ladies & Gents. Since Childhood, we have been raised to be seduction Queens,

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Les conseils de Nafytoo…

Source : Icône/xalima Le 14 février, la Saint Valentin, la fête de l’amour, est le jour où tous les amoureux prennent conscience de l’importance de leurs sentiments. Aussi, pour ferrer son « plus-que-fort » un tel jour et lui offrir un cadeau digne du génie